Monday, December 16, 2013

Hope, Peace and Joy....

Christmas has always been a magical time for me. I’ve loved giving  gifts and making traditions for my family. This year it’s been a struggle for me to feel the same sense of wonder, the same joy I’ve had in years past. I’m looking, but it’s been elusive.

 I’ve felt a little put out with all the hype surrounding Christmas. The busyness, the rush for the perfect gift, the perfect price. The commercialism surrounding Christmas.  I talked to Rev. Carol about the subject and she summed it up by suggesting that I see things through “Jillian Colored Glasses”. I believe that is true.

I think about Jesus’ mother, Mary. I wonder what she was thinking as she watched her precious baby sleep in the manger, knowing he was the Chosen One. How did she feel as she raised this boy? What fears did she have? What was it like for this Mother to watch her child suffer? Even though Mary knew Jesus was the Son of God, she was  human. She was a mother , and she must have grieved deeply for her Son.

I’m praying for all mothers this season. And fathers, and sisters, brothers and daughters and sons. For all those who are going through the motions this year, trying to find joy in the season.

I believe in Miracles. This holiday season I'm going to continue to keep my eyes wide open so they don't go unnoticed. The beautiful, quiet snowfall, the owl in the morning... Our children. Our family and friends.

How beautiful it would be if we could see the world through “Jesus Colored Glasses”.

~Hope, Peace and Joy

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