Monday, August 24, 2015

My Hope....

The internet has been buzzing, my email has been flooded with articles, news stations across the nation are all talking about former President Jimmy Carter and his cancer diagnosis. Melanoma. Jimmy Carter has metastatic melanoma. I was saddened, along with many people, to learn that his cancer has spread to his liver and his brain.

Mr. Carter plans on receiving a relatively newly approved drug, Keytruda, as well undergoing targeted brain radiation.  He is 90 years old. There are far more options available in treating melanoma than there were when Jillian was diagnosed. 

I am selfishly hopeful that the knowledge and awareness generated with President Carters melanoma diagnosis will open many doors. I would love for melanoma to become a household word so that parents and our children are educated about the disease and how to prevent it. That tanning beds will be a thing of the past. That our young people realize that melanoma in not just an old person’s disease, and that it can happen to anyone, at any time.

So beautiful friend of Jillian’s who is laying on the beach right now? Family members who love that tanning bed? Listen and hopefully you’ll learn.

Because no matter what a person’s age, melanoma really doesn’t care. It is a heinous disease, and it shatters lives where ever it takes residence. I’ll be picking up pieces for the remainder of my days.

And I really don’t want that to happen to you.

My thoughts and prayers go out to President Carter, his caregivers, family and friends.