Thursday, June 5, 2014

Slow Down.....

It’s been a long, hard winter. Finally spring is here and on a fast track toward summer. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming. Nature has been busy. Life becomes busy.

As I sit with my morning coffee, I reflect on where I’ve been, and where I’m going. I’m happy that our family is moving forward little by little. But then I ask myself the question, am I really moving “forward”, or am I just moving? 

We lost another young man to Melanoma on Tuesday. Matt was the same age as my oldest son. It’s difficult for me to hear the stories of people fighting so hard against this disease. It hurts me when I hear someone else has died because of it.

Do I hide from the pain, cover my ears, close my eyes? Should I just avoid it? I could, I suppose. And those questions lead me to yet another. Why would I? For whose benefit?

 And that drops me smack dab ( where did that phrase come from?)  into the questions I’ve been skirting around for a while now. Why are we here, and what do we do with our time here on Earth?

As I move sideways, Matt's family has come to a screeching halt. While families are planning vacations, there is someone not far planning a funeral. We have one shot at this life.

I believe we are here to serve one another. To help. Make that phone call to the friend who is in an ongoing battle with cancer. Drop a note to the person whose life has taken an unexpected turn. The one who is going through a divorce. The person who just lost their job. The one who buried a loved one. They need you.