Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"Growing Old Ain't for Sissies".....

It's been quite awhile since I've been blogging. I plan to begin again, so hang on Lucy.

I will be 60 in November, and I have absolutely no idea how that happened. I don't feel 60. I don't act 60. My mom is 60! ( +26).

I look back over those years as if they are chapters in a book. The last chapter was rough. I lost my dad, and three months later, Jillian at 23. And then the divorce and a new home, not by choice. And grief. So much grieving filled that chapter.

This chapter is filled with hope and joy. I ran my first half and my first full marathon this year with my son, Josh. At 59. I over-trained. And paid for it. My dad used to say, "Growing old ain't for sissies". Maybe that's true, given the aches and pains running has blessed me with. Because it IS a blessing. I am able to run. I am able to walk. I find joy in my children and their mates. My precious grandchildren. My pups. Either way, I'll fight growing old every step, every stride of the way, and I'll embrace what this world has to show me. Because I choose to. And I'll try not to be a sissy about it.

Yesterday was the first real run since my 25K in May. I train by myself, but never alone. Jillian is with me on every run.

Our story isn't finished. Running has saved my life and has prepared me for this next chapter.
We are badass, wrinklies! The best chapters are yet to come.

~ Peace and Love...