Friday, May 11, 2012

"Chancy Pants is Famous" !

It’s quiet now, with only my sweet companion Annie sitting on the chair beside me. As I reflect on the events of the past week, I struggle with the words to accurately describe what I’m feeling on this night.

After my previous post, “Melanoma Cancer Awareness Month”, I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of donation's, love, hope, and encouragement toward the billboard project. Not only have we received monetary donations, I received a donation for a billboard. One of my friends, and co-worker‘s husband works for a local billboard company. She contacted the general manager, who happens to be a friend as well, and told him Jillian’s story, and explained what we trying to do for Melanoma Cancer Awareness Month. Within an hour, I received an email asking me what I wanted on the billboard. Today I was informed that the billboard would be up today at various locations across Grand Rapids.

So, this evening, with my parents, kids and grandkids in tow, we took off to see our billboard. I cannot explain what it felt like to be driving along I-96, in a caravan of three vehicles, to look to my left and see my daughters lovely face all lit up for the world to see. My throat tightened, and I felt the familiar sting of tears forming. Jenni was sitting next to me and looked at me like I was a mad woman, so I pulled myself together. Just for her.

We had to drive past the billboard and get off at the next exit and turn back around. My heart was pounding as we approached the area where the billboard is on display. All three vehicles had their flashers on, as we pulled over to the side of the highway and got out with our cameras. I’m sure we turned a few heads as we all posed for pictures beneath our Jillian’s billboard.  Good. Just one more person who may get the message this night.

Jillian’s Journey with Melanoma – A Mother’s Story is not just the story of Jillian, myself, and the rest of our family as we navigate through the maze of Cancer. It is a community’s story. It is a story of love, and hope. It’s a story that can reveal the strength and power of our community coming together as we support one of our own. Like Reverend Carol has told us,we are Angels For Each Other.

In case you are wondering, we have another billboard in the works that should be done tomorrow and up on Monday. This billboard will be the background for a project we are working on as we reveal The Faces of Melanoma. We will not only be heard…we will be seen.

Yes, we will. We WILL!

In gratitude and Peace,


  1. What can I say....Amazing, Incredible, almost Unbelievable what you have accomplished in such a short time. No doubt, you will win! Now if the researchers could do their part in finding a cure, that would be another milestone:)

    1. Thanks Karen! Be raising awareness of this black beast, I am hopeful that we accomplish exactly that. Getting more funding in place to find that cure!

  2. Amazing, amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Who would ever think in such a short time Jillian would be a STAR!!! God works in mysterious ways His wonders to behold...

  3. Yes, He does Terri. We see it everyday. Hugs and love to you!