Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012- Looking Forward

I am sitting in the hospital room with my dad this New Year’s Eve. He was admitted to the hospital on Thursday with several health issues.  He is diabetic, he has congestive heart failure, he has pneumonia……In short, his body is wearing out.  Sitting in the chair next to his bed, I listen to him breathe. My mind slips back to my childhood, and I see the man he once was. So strong, so capable. Rarely complaining, and tackling life head on.  

In my reflection, as I look back on 2011, and I am filled with wonder. Where did this past year go, and how do so many things happen in only one year? There have been a whirlwind of events, to say the least. My son, Joshua was married, and our family was blessed with a new daughter in law / sister in law. Our first grandchild was born, a beautiful baby girl. Jonathan moved out and has met a wonderful girl.  Jenni graduated from high- school. And through it all, through this life, Jillian has continued to battle melanoma with strength and courage. As I watch my dad, I know exactly where this strength comes from. Thank you dad, for giving us the gift of strength, perseverance, faith, courage, and LOVE.

The prime rib dinner we were planning to serve tonight with our dear friends has been postponed. There is no place I’d rather be.

Looking forward to all the wonderful, magical things waiting for us in 2012!

Much love~

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